Established in 2015 in Los Angeles, Shadow Hill USA was founded with the aim of providing unique, functional, and accessible apparel to customers across the globe. We take pride in utilizing top-quality materials and fabrics, designed to not only withstand the test of time, but also improve with age. Our collections, although reasonably priced, are offered in limited quantities. Drawing inspiration from classic vehicles, motocross, racing, and historical moments in Americana culture, offering comfortable wardrobe staples for all walks of life.

In recent years, we have had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the largest American and international heritage brands, including Pepsi, Lacoste, Kappa, and Fred Segal. Our apparel has been worn by world-class athletes and coveted celebrities worldwide, and has been featured in distinguished publications.

Philanthropy remains a core aspect of our brand's mission. We have contributed to various immigrant-rights organizations and the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles, and remain dedicated to giving back to our community. We have also taken the initiative to provide underprivileged youth in LA with access to computers, Adobe products, and sewing machines, with the hope of fostering their creativity and enabling them to pursue their dreams.

We are incredibly grateful for the support of our devoted and loving fans, and pledge to continue producing top-quality clothing while remaining committed to our philanthropic endeavors.

With deepest gratitude and appreciation,

Shadow Hill USA